D1: Determination of population groups and description of task model. (09/2009)

D2: Methodology for the examination of existing situation. (10/2009)

D3: Handbook with basic principles for the realisation of accessibility improvement interventions in monumental spaces. (04/2011) Download document

D4: Evaluation and mapping of the existing situation in selected monuments / spaces. (03/2010)

D5: Proposal of functional alternative solutions in prestudy level for selected spaces. (07/2010)
examples from the pre-studies file

D6: Selection of solutions, application studies and their evaluation. (11/2010)
examples from the full studies file

D7: Application of intervention studies, in selected sites and monuments. (04/2011) Download document

D8: Material derived from training seminars. (04/2011)

D9: Proceedings of the International Symposium. (04/2011)