International Symposium

Agenda of the International Symposium for the research project “PROSPELASIS”
 “Monuments and people with restricted mobility and perception”

Date: Friday, 29th of April 2011
Location: Small Auditorium of the Museum of Byzantine Culture in Thessaloniki

9:00-09:30  Welcome speeches

9:30-9:50  “The PROSPELASIS project: Approach, results, lessons learnt”.
Aristotelis Naniopoulos, professor of AUTh, PROSPELASIS Project Coordinator

9:50-10:10  “Tools” developed as part of the PROSPELASIS Project”,
Panagiotis Tsalis, Dr. Civil Engineer, Associate with TSRG/AUTh
Pavlina Lazaridou, Associate with TSRG/AUTh

10:10-10:30  “Principles governing Monument interventions”.
Giorgos Karadedos, Assoc. Professor of AUTh

10:30-10:50  “Physical access interventions designed and implemented as part of the PROSPELASIS Project. Principles, methodology, results”.
Eleni Papanikolaou, Architect, Associate with TSRG/AUTh
Alexanda Kalliagra, Architect, Associate with TSRG/AUTh

10:50-11:10  “Interventions in Byzantine Monuments of Thessaloniki as part of the PROSPELASIS project. The archaeological perpective”.
Konstantinos Raptis, Archaeologist, 9th EBA

  “Implementation of a sound-visual guidance system using WiFi. Technical and functional consideration”
Christos Antonopoulos, professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering  AUTh 

11:30-12:30  Break

12:30 -12:50  “3D Mapping of Monuments, haptic models, and development of haptic model audio guide”
Konstantinos Tokmakidis, prof. Department of Survey Engineering AUTh
Paschalina Kalle, Instructor of people with visual impairments, Panhellenic Association of the Blind, Local Union of Central Macedonia

12:50-13:10  “The importance of creating accessible mobility chains”.
David Finnegan, specialist in accessibility issues, wheelchair user

13:10-13:20  “The artistic dimension of the route connecting three Monuments and its background”
Constantin Xenakis, Artist

13:20 -13:40 «The ramp as an element of artistic expression and as a functional element in the work of Cris Gianakos»
Cris Gianakos, Artist, professor of the Design College of New York

Prospects after PROSPELASIS in local and hyper-local level
        Participants :   
Aristotelis Naniopoulos, professor AUTh, PROSPELASIS Project Coordinator 
Despoina Makropoulou, Archaeologist, Head of  9th EBA
Vassilis Koniordos, Architect, Head of technical services of the 9th EΒΑ
Giannis Polychroniou, Architect, Head of accessibility office, Hellenic 
Ministry of Culture and Tourism
David Finnegan, specialist in accessibility issues
Representatives of people with disabilities organization

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